Whitby Psychiatric Hospital

In 1994 the Whitby Psychiatric Hospital closed its doors and opened a new facility, leaving the old one untouched.

Since its closure, it has been the subject of many ghostly tales.

On March 13, 1933, a guard by the name of Cyril Rich was murdered by a patient. It happened in the bathroom of cottage 14 at midnight.

On March 13, 2003, AJ and Derek went looking for his ghost…

Join Derek March 20th at the RCC at 8am as he explores the ghosts of the Psychiatric Hospital.

Happy 70th Anniversary Cyril…


Feature producer: Derek Williams

My name is Derek Williams. For the past year myself and my nephew Shawn, have been looking for ghosts at the abandoned Whitby Psychiatric Hospital. It’s a tough job but somebody has to do it. Most would fear this type of work, but we thrive on the excitement of the chase and the uncertainty of the dark, hollow halls.

Enter the hospital at your own risk.

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